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Hello. Thanks for dropping by! The Stories of Our Time is a digital story-telling platform. We’re passionate about the human experiences that bring people together.

Want to share our passion?

Tell your story. Inspire the world.

WHO we are

Believers. We believe that everyone has a story powerful enough to inspire others. We believe in promoting inspiring stories of true-to-life experiences. And we believe that it can change the way we look at society and build relationships with people around us.

Our digital story-telling platform is created for, by, and all about, people.

WHEN we started

2019. The Stories of Our Time started in 2019 with the simple idea that people need stories. They help us make sense of ourselves and the world around us.

WHAT we offer

Opportunity. Everyone has a story; but not everyone has an outlet. We offer people the opportunity to express themselves in writing and publish it for others to read. And we offer a way of connecting with real people and real stories. 

WHERE we operate

Alberta, Canada. In a busy but welcoming city in Alberta, Canada, the team behind The Stories of Our Time gather to share their passions and work towards the goal of making a difference, first in their immediate community, then the rest of the world. 

WHY we do what we do

To educate, empower, and raise awareness. We do what we do because we are convinced of the power of shared human experiences. So here at The Stories of Our Time, our mission is clear: to use stories to educate about the many circumstances that different people find themselves in; to empower others to succeed; and to raise awareness about issues that matter.

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