There has been a lot of work put into the stigma that comes with the term mental health. Even with this though it is still so scary to admit we sometimes need help. I call my mental health experience my “self-love journey.” I experienced PTSD with my job and after the incident I was losing control of my life. I found myself at my doctor’s office in tears. I was experiencing depression and anxiety. I went on stress leave and started on medication. My family and friends were an integral part of this journey once I was able to let them in. It seems silly now that I was scared to share my struggle. With the help of my supports I started picking up the pieces of my shattered life. I commenced seeing a counsellor and journaling to help deal with the anxiety. Being patient with myself was the hardest part of my journey, I wanted to just get back to where I was when I felt like I had more control. We are our own worst critics, and not everything is a quick fix. It has been a year and a half since this all started and my main message, I would like to share is love yourself and be patient with yourself. Good things take time.