We are looking for your real-life stories! Stories that will allow us to laugh together, bring awareness to each other, motivate each other, give each other hope, share our trials and how we overcame them. We want your stories that show the reality of what it’s like to live in this age.

If you have a story you would like to share, submit it through our Facebook or Instagram page! Please see our submission guidelines below.


  • Written in English
  • Real stories, no fiction
  • Suggested length is less than 500 words however, we still welcome longer stories
  • Your story can be about yourself or someone you know
  • You may remain anonymous as author if you would like

Writing Assistance

If you do not feel comfortable with your writing abilities or English language skills, we can assist you in writing your story. Contact us and we can write your story together!

Story Categories

If you have a story that does not fit into the current categories on our site, please still submit! We will create new categories once we have enough related submissions to do so.


If you are writing about another person or company and list them by name or give identifiable characteristics, you must obtain signed consent from that person or company for what you write about them. Reach out to us if you would like to obtain a copy of the consent form. If there are special circumstances to which consent via said form is not possible, please share your circumstances using the same method so we can see if there is a way your story can still be published.

Content Appropriateness

We seek to share stories that will be constructive to each other’s lives.

Please do not include defamatory statements. Please do not include prejudiced statements, that is preconcieved opinions which are not based on past experience. Please avoid excessive use of profane language.