Julie Thomsen
Editor in Chief

Julie is a boss babe from Edmonton, AB Canada. She loves to develop creative educational materials on current issues. She became involved in The Stories of Our Time project to continue to do just that, alongside good friends.

Fun Fact: A favorite pastime of Julie’s is playing Nancy Drew Games!

Klarissa Jeiel Rivero
Communications & Marketing

Klarissa Jeiel leads the brand and digital marketing efforts of The Stories of Our Time. She is approachable, creative, and driven, and believes in building a sense of community through the telling of people’s shared life stories. When she’s not working, Klarissa Jeiel enjoys spending her time drawing, reading books, and playing the piano.

Fun Fact: Klarissa Jeiel is a leftie and writes her check marks “backwards.”

Sayem Shahid
Development & Operations

Sayem leads The Stories of Our Time’s operations and technical development. He always takes the opportunity to empower people around him with his technical abilities. He believes that technology can have a great positive impact on society if used with the right mindset.

Fun Fact: Sayem is a curious type and loves tinkering with open-source code in his free time.